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How to create video content on YouTube from existing articles to generate income

Introduction: Nowadays, YouTube has become an essential platform for creating video content and generating income online. Would you like to know what is the fastest and easiest way to create content on YouTube and earn money? In fact, you can turn existing articles on the internet into videos very easily, without the need for technical skills or prior experience. In this article, I will share with you step by step how to make this. You just need to be persistent and repeat the process. Moreover, I will also reveal to you how to increase your income without putting in any extra effort. So, let’s get started now!

How to create video content on YouTube from existing articles to generate income
How to create video content on YouTube from existing articles to generate income
  1. Choosing a profitable niche The initial step is obviously to choose a profitable niche on which you want to create content for your channel. I invite you to consult the links that I will make available to you in order to discover which niches are the most lucrative. In this article, we will take the example of the health niche. After deciding on the theme of your channel, we need to find videos that already have a proven track record in terms of views.
  2. Find videos with high viewing rates It is important to identify popular videos in your niche to understand what type of content attracts viewers the most. For example, I found a channel in the health niche whose most videos don’t generate many views. However, one of them has 298,000 views and was published nine months ago. We’ll use this video idea to find an article to convert to a video. Here are some other interesting ideas I found in the same niche: the benefits of daily jumping rope, why you should sleep with garlic under your pillow and the causes of insomnia. However, we will focus on the example of jumping rope versus running, to find out which one is better.
  3. Converting Articles to Videos The next step is to do a Google search using the keyword “jumping rope versus running, which is better.” You should look for short articles that have key points that can easily be turned into a video. I found this article: “Jumping Rope vs. Running, Which is Better?” which provides good information on the subject.
  4. Using InVideo Software Next, you will need to use a software called InVideo, which will allow you to convert the article into a video. Select the “text to video” option and choose the format suitable for YouTube. You can choose from many templates and customize them to your liking. I recommend that you choose a model that you like. It is worth noting that you can use InVideo for free, but the videos will have a watermark. I therefore recommend that you opt for the paid version, which offers many advantages.
  5. Filling the script with Quilbot Now we need to make the content unique by avoiding just copying the article text. To do this, we will use free software called Quilbot. I recommend rewriting the content using your own words to make it even more unique. This may be time consuming and requires extra effort, but it is worth it to get similar results to the channel we found in the health niche. For each scene in the video, you need to copy the text into Quilbot and use the “Paraphrase” function to rewrite it. It is essential to ensure that the text remains grammatically correct.
  6. Video Editing and Customization Once you have successfully rewritten each scene, you can move on to the video editing and customization stage. InVideo will choose video clips based on the keywords used in your text. However, some footage may not exactly match what is said. In this case, you can edit the footage to match the content of your video. You can also customize colors, fonts, and other elements to fit your style.
  7. Uploading and Optimizing Video for SEO Once your video is ready, you can export it from InVideo and upload it to YouTube. Make sure to optimize your video’s SEO by adding the main keyword at the beginning of the title, repeating it two to three times in the description, and using it as the first keyword in your tags. This will help your video rank better and attract more viewers.
  8. Consistency in creating videos To achieve good results on YouTube, it is essential to produce new videos regularly. I recommend posting at least three times a week, or even once a day if you’re just starting out. You can observe that some popular channels post one video per day, which would be ideal. The important thing is to be regular in your publications and to set a number of videos to produce each week.

Maximize Earnings with Affiliate Marketing Apart from the advertising revenue generated by Google AdSense once you reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours, you can also maximize your earnings through affiliate marketing. You can search for affiliate programs in your niche or sign up for the Amazon Affiliates program for free. You will be able to place affiliate links in the description of your videos and receive a commission on sales made thanks to these links. It is also possible to find other affiliate programs in the fitness and health space to recommend relevant products to your audience.


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