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Welcome Broken Heart Shayari in Hindi  In a painful journey, where the language of words touches the inner core of the heart. In this special style, we have decorated our wounds and expressed our sorrows and wonderful emotions.

Broken Heart Shayari in Hindi‘ With this, we have shared our pain through this medium, through which we all communicate sympathy with each other. In this journey, every word tells a new story, which shows us that the colors of love and sorrow are visible only in the meaning of words.

 Broken Heart Shayari in EnglishBroken-Heart-Shayari-in-Hindi

The heart is no longer as innocent as before,

It is not made of stone,

But now even the wax is no more!


Tell the darkness that childhood has passed,

Now I am not afraid of you, I get peace…!


Even before death, there is a death,

Just look at it after getting separated from your friend…!

Broken Heart Shayari in HinglishBroken-Heart-Shayari-in-Hindi

We are the last breed of love,

After us there will be hunger for bodies…!


My love also came out like clouds,

It rained on me and it rained on someone else…!


I don’t know how many hopes have died inside me,

Now even my heart feels like a graveyard…!

2 Line Emotional Broken Heart ShayariBroken-Heart-Shayari-in-Hindi

I was very proud of having a roof over my roof,

Then one more floor was built and the roof became the floor…!


Relationships have also become like jobs these days.

People change as soon as they get a better offer…!


How would she tolerate herself in the mirror?

He had a strong hatred for deceitful people.

Sad Broken Heart ShayariBroken-Heart-Shayari-in-Hindi

I have seen love passing so close,

At one point I felt as if I had achieved it…!


There was a passion in someone’s heart to stay alive,

The result was that we died within ourselves…!


He was angry just for this reason, friends.

Kept giving me clarification after clarification till I left…!

Broken heart Shayari in English | Heartbreak Shayari

He has become so far away from us,

Forget love, don’t even hate now!


Considered that web fa as my own,

whom we loved so much,

He only cheated us,

We still refused!


If you don’t like me then stay away,

Don’t make the excuse of being busy every day!

Broken heart shayari in English with images

People talk big things in love,

And then one day they leave!


Earlier I too was intoxicated with love for my friends,

Ever since my heart was broken, I fell in love with drugs.


You will soon feel it,

what was mine to be,

And what is my absence?

Broken heart sad shayari | Broken heart shayari 2 line

These scattered cards are lucky,

There is someone to pick them up after they fall apart!


getting used to someone,

It is more dangerous than being in love!


Whatever you ask, I will not tell you, the situation is not like this.

A small heart is broken and that’s okay!

Broken Heart Love Shayari

A-Dil, have some courage, friend.

Together they forget him!


No one understands,

And no one explains,

Everyone just knows how to make fun of others!


This ‘Broken Heart Shayari in Hindi‘ As we conclude this painful journey, we all feel that we are making a new beginning with the story of difficulties and sorrow hidden in this poetry. Here we have put into words the depths of our hearts, which have allowed us to empathize and turn towards recreating ourselves.

Broken Heart Shayari in Hindi With, which we have shared our powerlessness with a new life, where the sweetness of love is always there and the rays of hope shine in new paths. With this literary journey, we all gather the courage to move forward with life even after the breakup, turn our hearts towards the new story, and read ‘Broken Heart Shayari in Hindi’. As we see a new positive aspect of rebuilding ourselves.

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