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Let’s welcome you to the beautiful world of ‘Short Love Shayari in English‘, where love and emotions are encapsulated in fragrant words. In these short love moments, we will experience love stories in a unique style. ‘Short Love Shayari in English‘ ‘It is not just poetry, but it is a wonderful language that has the power to touch hearts. In this empathetic journey, let us listen to your emotions and absorb the sweetness of love. It is a music that touches every heart. And makes us feel for our love.

True love short love shayari in English



The world needs happiness all the time


But I want only one of you in every happiness!


hide me with your breath

If anyone asks, tell them this is my life!


Today I felt like sulking like a child.

But then I thought, who will obey the age limit?

2 line Love Shayari in English


Eye to eye contact and became intoxicated,

Instead of being ours, we became his!


Today I felt like sulking like a child,

But then I thought, who will obey the age limit?


Hold my hand at that turn,

When I just need you!

2 line love shayari in english hindi


You were far from the eyes and close to the heart,

We were your destiny and you were our destiny!


When love is uncountable then let me calculate it

And what should I give a rose to someone who is a rose herself?


I wish one day we could fall into your arms

There is only us and you and time itself stops!

Heart touching short love shayari in English

I am not waiting for any expensive gifts,

Just wish me first on my birthday!


I look at you with new eyes every time,

Every time I fall in love with you anew!


May I never miss your smile,

May my love get all the happiness in the world!

Sad heart touching short love shayari in English

What a beautiful coincidence there is in their street,

We had gone for one work but we went for every work!


Every moment is giving the message of remembering you,

Now your love is taking my life!


If someone asks about your relationship, tell me.

Our one life resides in two hearts!


I want you to meet me,

This desire is for a lifetime!


We will treat you like this,

Will support you at every step in your old age!


Without you all my happiness is incomplete,

Then think how important you are to me!


Since I have wanted to meet you,

Now I get separated from everyone!


You are my happiness without which,

All my happiness seems incomplete….!!


Man always loses in two places,

One with his love and the other with his family…!!


He has such a big role in my life,

That he beats in my chest…!!


Smile on lips, moisture in eyes,

Every breath says that I am missing you…!!


How much relief it feels when someone,

I tell you that I am always yours…!!


Ever since you came into my life,

You have become my love and have merged into my soul…!!


With the conclusion of this ‘Short Love Shayari in English‘ romantic journey, we are moving towards a new chapter, but the sweetness of these short stories will always remain in our hearts. This Shayari teaches us that love should be kept short. Even words can be extremely beautiful. With ‘Short Love Shayari in English’, we expressed our feelings in a new form and enjoyed the uniqueness of the primacy of love. Moving forward, we hope that these short poems will fill your heart with smiles and inspiration.

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